The Hindenberg Explosion In Cauliflower

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If you're a human being who enjoys cauliflower, then I'll admit, you're a bit of a beautiful mystery to me. Outside of acting as interesting texture extras in curries, I'm not really so down with cauliflower. But I always did admire the way it sort of looked like dense clouds.

It seems artist Brock Davis also noticed this, but unlike me got off his ass and did something about it.

That something was to make photographs of famous explosions using cauliflower. You can see a couple more here, and they're strikingly good. It's interesting to consider both how effectively cauliflower resembles explosions and how distinctive and recognizable certain explosions are.


Oh, and, back to that opening sentence— if you're not a human being, and are, say, a rabbit, stop eating cauliflower this instant. It'll kill you, rabbit. See, apparently, it generates intestinal gas, and, rabbit, you can't fart. You can never delt it or supplied it, and I'm guessing if you eat enough of it, you'll explode.

Don't be a hero, rabbit. Spit out the cauliflower.


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As someone who used to hate cauliflower, I'll give you a tip: Roast it under high heat with a little olive oil and salt.

Holy crap. I can eat that shit like popcorn. Same goes for brussels sprouts. Lots of stuff that is gross when boiled or steamed is AMAZING when roasted or sauteed.