The Guys From Car Talk Want To Make A Documentary About Italian Yoga

Yoga. It's all about flexibility, stretching, and relaxation. But what if you get rid of the flexibility and stretching and add espresso and conversation?

Well, according to Click and Clack of Car Talk fame, that's what you call Italian Yoga. And they want your help to make a documentary about it.

Now that new episodes of Car Talk have come to an end, Ray and Tom want to showcase how they relax with a new web series and they need $40,000 to do it. The idea that drinking espresso and hanging out with a bunch of natural story tellers, their 'Yogis,' is equivalent to yoga is intriguing.


Hell, I know I'd rather eat a pastry and drink an espresso than stretch and do something called "Downward Facing Dog."

If they meet the goals, filming will happen next summer and the shows will air in Fall 2013. Unless, as they say, "decrepitude, dementia, or death gets in the way."

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So... Car Talk ended in September, and everything since has been a repeat? They didn't even say anything special as a sign off, unless I missed it. Just a seamless transition from new shows to repeats. didn't even realize it had already happened!