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The Guy Who Crashed $1.15 Million McLaren P1 Had It Less Than A Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember last week when we dutifully and sadly told you about the first McLaren P1 crash in America? The one in Texas? Well, it turns out the 27-year old owner had the car less than a day. It's a good reminder that if you buy a supercar, maybe take a couple of days to feel it out before going all crazy.


Park Place Premier Collection, the Dallas dealer of very expensive cars (and Smarts, because while you're picking up your Bentley, you may as well grab one for the kids) confirmed the owner picked up the car on Tuesday, and by 7:41 am on Wednesday the 903 HP P1 was a crumpled mess by a guard rail.

If you're looking to buy a car with, say, over 700 HP or so, and are willing to take some advice from a guy who dailies a car with less than 1/10th that power, here's what I have to say: take your time. You bought the car, and you need to respect it. Supercars are no joke, and nobody makes you take any sort of special driving test before taking your money for one of these things.


Hell, if you can afford a P1, you can probably afford a track day with an instructor who can show you how to get the absolute best out of the car, and how not to end up with an interesting, dynamic sculpture made of fractured carbon fiber and twisted metal.

Then maybe you can enjoy your supercar a full week before putting it in a ditch or whatever. Just follow C.J. Wilson's lead.