The Volkswagen recipe for its Gran Turismo 6 Vision GT concept is rather simple. Take a VW GTI, add a 503 horsepower VR6 engine, chop off the roof, and have a giant step on it. Job done.

This is part of GT6's concept car scheme that has been slowly rolling out since the game was released last year. After Mercedes and BMW, VW becomes the third (and third German marque) to release their concept.

But after we saw the Mercedes AMG Vision GT, we thought these cars would be super nuts. Not the case, apparently. The BMW looks like a super extreme M235i and the VW GTI Roadster looks like, well, a GTI Roadster.

It's cool, but not nearly as crazy or outlandish as it could be. The new car will be available in GT6 this June and VW will debut a full-size model at its Worthersee extravaganza in just two days.