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Does your soul cast about like an old paper bag/Past empty lots and early graves/Of those like you who lost their way/Murdered on the interstate /While the red bells rang like thunder?

-Neko Case

While Wee Willie Clay may be all up ons with this "Red, White and Bold" thing, the bells are tolling. Horbury's insistence on two Fords in every driveway and a Dave in every pot has led to delays in bringing newer products to market, including less SVT, a rear-drive Lincoln that isn't a Town Car and a B-segment Aspire/Fiesta replacement which according to Mark Fields, was originally being designed to "out-Korean the Koreans." Yep, and then the Koreans moved the bar, leaving Fields with "Dave" as the default. Which is fine, as we often default to Dave. It's one less letter to type.

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