Ford Does The Design Team Truffle-Shuffle

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It appears FoMoCo thinks their design team stars weren't quite aligned — so the powers that be in Dearborn are tryin' to make up the difference. The big number two Detroit automaker has realigned its global design team, appointing Moray Callum, the man who revamped the Mazda Division, as the new Director of design, cars. Callum'll be makin' the move back from the city of Hiroshima, Japan to NorAm to be the key Director under Peter Horbury, the current Executive Director of design in the Americas. Horbury has been the key mind behind the "Red, White & Bold" design strategy at the Glass House. Ford also made some other moves underneath Callum on the org chart — but really, if we haven't already lost ya by this point in the post, we ain't gonna tempt the fates by continuing. But this stuff really is important, especially cause it means more of the "Hi, I'm Dave" look we've come to know and love from the fruit of Henry Ford's loins.

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