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If you thought the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe is a nicer SUV than a BMW X6 but remains a bit too large for your needs, gaze upon the new GLC Coupe, which is the same, only smaller.

Mercedes says the GLC is “a near-production-standard study which gives a foretaste of future SUV models from Mercedes-Benz.” Hello stacked exhausts!

The concept is 78.7 inches wide, and with a length of 186.2 inches (4.73 meters) and a 111.4 inch (2.83-meter) wheelbase, it’s 6.7 inches shorter than the GLA, but 2.31 inches longer than a BMW X4. Rolling on 21-inch wheels with 285/45 tires at the rear, the GLC is a little under 63 inches tall.

The drivetrain comes straight from the GLE as well, with the direct-injection V6 biturbo delivering 367 hp and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm). The nine-speed 9G-TRONIC and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive provide the smoothness and traction one would expect from such a vehicle, while the exhaust system comes with a loud button if case you occasionally want to wake up the neighborhood at any given time.


“Born to race on every ground”

No, I’m not kidding:

At the front, a short, crisp overhang with upright radiator grille and twin-blade louvre so characteristic of sporty Mercedes-Benz models give a first indication of the sporty philosophy behind the Concept GLC Coupé. The credo “Born to race on every ground” is confirmed by the powerdomes on the hood, the sweeping lines of the A-wing below the radiator grille, the large side air intakes and the visually dominant underbody protection. Like all the trim elements on the concept vehicle, this typical SUV feature radiates in silver shadow to form an attractive counterpoint to the solar-beam paintwork and the all-round claddings in matte gun metal magno paintwork.


Are you sold yet?

Remember, all this is coming soon from the company that’s also working on a luxury pickup truck.


I’m going to move into a large brown wagon, and live in the woods.


Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz


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