The Giugiaro X-GT Looks Like An Italian Rally Fighter

One of the coolest cars in the world is the nigh-indestructible Rally Fighter built and sold in the US. Now VW has unveiled a Giugiaro concept called the X-GT that apes that Baja-style racer.

Well, much as the X-GT apes the Local Motors in low-nose DeTomaso-esque styling, the engineering appears to be more VW Dakar racer than anything else. The Local Motors is front-engined while this Giugiaro concept, taken on stage by Walter de Silva, seems to have the engine behind the cabin.


All of our information is coming from tweets at VW's Group Night presentation, so we will fill in details as they come.

Public reception seems to be poor at the moment, but we like it.

Photo Credits: Davey G Johnson, Joe DeMatio, Auto Bild Spain

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