The Girl From Itamaraty: Willys Limo, Brazilian Style

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Willys is mostly known for its iconic Willys MB (aka WW2 Jeep), but the company made a car from 1951 through 1955: the Aero-Willys. When Kaiser acquired Willys-Overland and decided to ditch cars in favor of hotter-selling Jeeps, the Aero's tooling ended up in Brazil, where production continued well into the 1970s. The Aero's design continued to evolve, and by the mid-60s there was a limousine version rolling off the assembly line: the mighty Willys Itamaraty (to muddle the car's ancestry even further, Ford had purchased Willys do Brasil by that point). So the AMC Javelin is second cousin to a Brazilian limo and related to Farrah Fawcett's '75 Cougar by marriage... ah, the American Motors family tree has many branches.


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When I lived in Brasil as a "missionary" MANY years ago, the Willys were only driven by upper class people and they were not all that bad looking. They also drove little things called DKW which I think was related to Audi, somehow, but don't know for sure.