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Classic Ad Watch: Farrah Fawcett's '75 Cougar

Moon roof! Glove-soft vinyl upholstery! Clustered gauges! Mountain lion stalking you! No wonder Farrah drove (or at least shilled for) the '75 Cougar. And for you fans of engines that take two cubes to make less than a single horsepower, the optional 460 wheezed out a spectacularly miserable 216 horses.


Forgotten Mercury Of The Day: 1977 Cougar [internal]

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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

@adidascrosscountry: I like the styling of Fords from this era too.

I grew up with a 1976 Gran Torino (351W engine had great

off-the-line power and the automatic was robust, but the body was

biodegradable) and later, an '82 Mercury Grand Marquis.

But the engines in the Torino aren't comparable to what you find in

a 308. Yeah, the Ferrari only made 205HP... but it did that with only

3L (around 180ci) of displacement.

And it's a night and day difference between the sound and revvability between the Ford OHV V8 and Ferrari OHC V8.

Anyone who can afford the expensive maintenance would take the Ferrari any day.