This is no Team Polizei. This is Die Polizei, making the ultra-rich showoffs known as Gumballers come to a Halt.

In case you aren’t aware, Gumball 3000 is an annual celebrity rally organized by some British dudes who charge an astronomical amount for an entry fee, ensuring that the event is filled with rich supercar owners who care very little about speeding tickets or the rules in general. Since participants party hard before driving high-horsepower machines on unfamiliar routes, accidents are common, with one Gumball even killing two people back in 2007.

Nobody likes reckless street racers, and the Germans don’t joke around. When they say they don’t want to see people fooling around with their supercars on the Autobahn or disturbing the peace and quiet of their settlements, they mean it.

And that’s why when the #DublintoBucharest circus comes to town with people like David Hasselhoff and Ferrari/BAC Mono poster child Josh Cartu behind the wheel, they don’t take kindly, switching into Cobra 11 mode immediately.

Having said that, with a Lambo-powered Batmobile, we would just keep going...