The French Aren't Just Lovers- They Build The Homewrecking Peugeot 505 V6!

You think the French are just known for, like, sex (and maybe science, philosophy, and literature)? Think again! The Peugeot 505 V6, powered by the dreaded mighty PRV Engine- that's right, the same one used by the De Lorean DMC-12- almost certainly didn't must have made the Germans and Japanese carmakers tremble with fear. We can't help but think that this ad would have been way better with an occupied bed. Better still, the bed should have been occupied by the German Granada owner and his French mistress!

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John Krewson

There's one of these Down On My Brooklyn Street. Just one look at it and you can see why it came in third in the European Car Of The Year voting for 1980. The window sticker proudly proclaiming this fact helps.