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Live The Dream With a New De Lorean DMC-12!

It's hard to imagine a time when the De Lorean DMC-12 was actually marketed, with a straight face. The massive publicity of a huge coke bust coupled with an overwhelmingly successful movie featuring the car in a slapstick role sort of joke-ified the DMC-12 for eternity, but try to imagine yourself watching this ad before all that happened. Would you consider buying the Northern Ireland-built stainless-steel wonder, when faced with the other offerings of the early 80s? Remember, John Z. was the man who brought us the Pontiac GTO! How about now?


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I saw one where the owner had totally stripped off all the stainless - it's just a skin over fiberglass - and painted the whole car bright yellow. It looked fabulous. I daresay, it looked one helluva lot better than any conventional grey DeLorean.

Didn't run, of course.