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Maybe your little angel looks at the Power Wheels Corvette and says "That's for punk-ass bitches. I want a truck!" Now you can make their truckin' dreams a reality because the rumors are true: The 2015 Ford F-150 Power Wheels truck is real.

Starting today you can pre-order the Power Wheels F-150 the child or insane amateur racing driver in your life. It starts at $349.99 and is modeled after the all-new 2015 F-150.


No word yet on whether it makes extensive use of aluminum like its bigger brother (probably not) but the Power Wheels F-150 does have two forward speeds, reverse, a working tailgate, and a heavy duty suspension built to handle even the wettest grass.

Like all Power Wheels, it's powered by a 12-volt battery, and it has a working FM radio and AUX jack for an MP3 player so your kid can rock out to the bro country song of his or her choice.


Coming soon: Power Wheels Truck Pulls, as soon as your Jalopnik staff can get our hands on two of these things. Do not try that at home, probably.