The Fisker Pear Sounds Like An EV With Actual Promise

Fisker says the all-electric crossover will be here by 2024 and start at $29,900, before incentives.

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Photo: Fisker

Pretty much every new EV startup ends up being a disappointment sooner or later, either by flaming out before they have an actual product (several examples), or by delivering questionable products (Tesla), or by overpromising on product (Tesla and several others). The EV startup Fisker still has a shot at being in any or all of those categories, but I like what it’s doing with its second car, which they call the Pear.

The starting price, for one thing, is $29,900, and that’s before incentives, which could potentially drive it closer to just over $20,000. Also: Fisker says it’s 177 inches long, or almost a proper compact. The carmaker also plans for the Pear to be a proper volume car, with “minimal initial production of 250,000 units per year” at a plant in Ohio, which might be Fisker’s boldest claim yet. We don’t know anything about power or range on the Pear, but I’m assuming those categories will be “good enough.”


Anyway, Fisker said Tuesday that you can reserve a Pear now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2024, and production of the Fisker Ocean, Fisker’s first EV, planned to begin in November. Reservations for the Pear cost $250 for the first one and $100 for the second. Here’s how Fisker describes the Pear on its website:

Conceived as a mobility device rather than a conventional car, the Fisker PEAR is an electric vehicle for global citizens and young urban innovators. Its futuristic and minimalist concept blends sustainability, technology, and design, while defying classification into any existing market segment. Intelligent and digitally connected, the Fisker PEAR EV’s future-forward features deliver intuitive control and sporty driving.

The Fisker PEAR breaks design conventions. We weave in the very latest updatable tech and wrap it in a compact mobility device approximately 4500mm long that still has clever storage, room for five, and many industry-first features. Affordable, agile, and styled for city living, the Fisker PEAR launches the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.


Is this all bullshit? Maybe? Probably? Maybe not? Who knows, at this point, as we’ve seen the car startup movie play out so many times, in so many different ways. Though, I will note that production of the Ocean was supposed to have started by now. What I also know is that Fisker is saying the right things on paper, and describing an electric car that actually sounds desirable, and at a price that could even be affordable. What a concept!