I’m not sure how it took Formula E more than four seasons to finally have a rainy race, but the series’ drivers finally faced a bit of wet weather in Paris this weekend when a short torrential downpour in the later stages of the race caused quite a few incidents and sent cars spinning into the wall. This resulted in Robin Frijns tiptoeing his way to his first win of the 2018/19 season, marking the eighth different winner from the last eight E’s prix.

The Formula E season has shaped up into a series of races that is as exciting and incredibly unpredictable as Formula One has been the opposite. With the cars being closely matched and using the same chassis, though FE cars have proprietary drivetrains now, the racing has been super close all season.


If you need any proof of how exciting Formula E can be, check out this quick 5-minute highlight reel of the race. If you missed it, you missed a really good one.

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