The Ferrari 599XX Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

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You know you’ve got a serious track Ferrari on your hands when even the taillights have been ripped out to make room for extra vents.


Incredibly, the 599 has been around for almost five years, and even the 599XX, its track-only offshoot, was announced all the way back at the post-financiapocalyptic 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

But all it takes is a fine photograph to marvel yet again at how Ferrari can still improve on a concept which should have been dead for decades: the front-engined racing car.

Front-mid-engined, granted, but counting by the number of serious non-rear-mid-engined supercars built since the ‘60s, Ferrari is in deeply idiosyncratic territory here. Incidentally, the 599XX is by far the fastest front-engined car ever to take to the Nürburgring, with that April 2010 time of 6:58.

This car is such a teenage bedroom poster of vents and visible aerodynamics. Just count: winglets and air vents behind both wheelarches, that mother of a diffusor, and even a pair of extra wings bolstering the car’s signature trick C-pillars.


It all makes one wonder if Ferrari will ever race a front-mid-engined car again. They certainly know how to build one. And the Panoz Batmobile sure could use some company.


Photo Credit: Gergely “AlieN” Antal


M.L. Lapid

- I would love to put those tiny Italian (front) licence plates between those two exhaust. It would be a perfect fit on that slot, and head home on that XX.