The Evolution Of The Ohio Multi-Scooped Halloween Dakota: One Year Ago

Remember the heavily customized Ohio Dakota we saw a couple weeks back? One of our readers photographed it a year ago, at an earlier stage in its development.


Back in '08, the scoops were already installed (in fact, an additional scoop-on-a-scoop setup graced the middle of the hood), as was the drawer-pull hood handle, but the paint job hadn't quite reached its full orange-and-black potential. Here's what our sharp-eyed photographer, Mike, had to say:

Interestingly enough, I strongly believe that this was the same truck exactly 1 year ago.
I was in the same area, and it was parked in a mall parking lot, and I couldnt resist taking a snapshot.... I just cant believe how far it's gone in a year. ... Hideous.
Thought you guys might enjoy.

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