Illustration for article titled The Enthusiast Feature The 2014 Corolla Gets That The 911 GT3 Doesnt

Toyota has a built up a reputation as the most boring car company in the world, held up by the Corolla, which has a pretty solid reputation as the most boring car in the world. So why is the 2014 Corolla getting a manual and the Porsche GT3 and Turbo aren't?


Oh right, Porsche has made a decision that two-pedal double clutch transmissions are the way forward with greater shift time efficiency and lowered lap times and blah blah blah.

I don't care. Porsche, Toyota managed to keep a six speed in a Corolla but you couldn't find room in the budget for a three-pedal GT3?

Didn't Toyota teach you how to make money anyway?

Photo Credit: Toyota/Porsche

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