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If you've got several oil drums of change set aside to take to the CoinStar machine in order to get your new 2015 Mustang, we now have the numbers you need to shoot for. Things start at $24,425, which is close to 100,000 quarters, so bring a friend to help you carry all that change.


Here's the full price list according to Mustang6G who says they get it from a Ford dealer:

Pricing information (BASE PRICING, Manual Transmission)

Mustang V6 Fastback (050A) - $24,425

Mustang V6 Fastback (051A) - $25,420

Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (100A) - $25,995

Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (200A): $29,995

Mustang ECOBOOST Fastback (201A): $31,790

MUSTANG GT Fastback (300A) - $32,925

MUSTANG GT Premium Fastback (400A) - $36,100

MUSTANG GT Premium Fastback (401A) - $38,720

MUSTANG GT 50YR Anniversary (500A) - $46,995

GT Fastback Premium options pricing:

Floor Mats - $85 retail

GT Performance PKG - $2,495 retail

Navigation - $795 retail

Recaros Leather - $1595 retail

Enhanced Security Package - $395

Dest and delivery - $825

There's also a handy Order Guide as well. Under $25,000 for the base V6 is pretty decent, and that Ecoboost at $26,000 seems like a sweet spot as well. It's interesting to note that 50 years ago, that base Mustang was $2368, or $17,821 in our modern internet-ready dollars.


That seems like we're getting a lousy deal until you really think it through and realize that the first Mustangs were really rebodied economy cars, and today's Mustang is on its own, mostly unique platform. That, and all the safety crap we have today that would keep you from being hosed off the dash like you would in a wreck in that '64.

(Thanks, Mustang6G)

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