So back in the late Malaise Era, AMC was on the ropes. They needed a product that nobody else had, something that would turn their fortunes around. Since they already had a bunch of four-wheel-drive know-how and hardware on the shelf, they bolted all that stuff onto the Concord wagon and voilà! A station wagon that could deal with nasty road conditions and didn't suck quite as much gas as a big ol' 4x4 truck. As if Americans would ever buy a jacked-up station wagon that combines SUV and car attributes! Our Denver-based friend Kitt (who brought us the Not So Welcome Wagon and Denver Deadhead Rampage) spotted this fine machine near Denver University and was kind enough to send in some photos.


I can't figure out the year on this Eagle, other than narrowing it down to the '81-84 model years. These things are still fairly common in Colorado, for the same reasons that half the drivers in the state have Subaru Outbacks. If only AMC had known they had the right idea at the wrong time! Feel free to cut loose with bitter AMC-based rants, folks, and be sure to bring up the Alliance.

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