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The Duster Name Lies On The Ash Heap Of History

Illustration for article titled The Duster Name Lies On The Ash Heap Of History

After seeing the sheer 80s awesomeness that was the '85 Plymouth Duster yesterday, you might have thought that every drop of branding goodness had been squeezed from the corpse of the once-glorious Duster name. You'd be wrong! After the Omni-based Duster limped off into oblivion in '87, Chrysler slapped some stickers and wings on the '92 Sundance (which itself was also a recycled name) and called it a Duster. You won't find many on the street, but I was fortunate enough to run across an example in a junkyard located mere blocks from MC Hammer's former practice studio. As you can see, the 80s lingered on well into the 90s. [Allpar]


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@jarque: Ah the Gold Duster. I remembered -didn't they also have a Feather Duster? and found:


The 1976 Feather Duster was an engineering success, featuring many lightweight parts including the intake manifold, bumper brackets, hood and trunk bracing, and manual transmission housing. It had a 225 Slant Six calibrated for economy, a low-restriction exhaust system, an extra-high rear axle ratio and was offered with either the Torqueflite 3-speed automatic or A833OD overdrive 4-speed manual transmission. It was, by far, the most fuel-efficient car in its size class (along with a similar Dodge model, the Dart Lite)[citation needed]. There was also a version called the Space Duster that had fold-down rear seats, and along with the huge trunk had over 50 cu. ft. of cargo space. That same year, the Duster 360 was one of a select few cars remaining on the market that had a relatively large engine-size to-vehicle-weight ratio. The 1976 model would be the last for the original Valiant based Duster.