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It Don't Get More 80s Than This: 1985 Plymouth Duster

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I was a senior in high school in 1984, and I recall hearing Baby Boomers going on and on about the goddamn 1960s at the time and thinking "There's no possible way anyone will ever be nostalgic for the 80s- no way!" How wrong I was- 80s nostalgia is like herpes, with sudden painful flareups and a miasma of shame surrounding its participants. And that brings us to what I believe may well be The Most Eighties Car Ad In All Of History: a 1985 Plymouth Duster ad that was apparently shown during the 1st Annual MTV Music Awards. And you know what that means- it's poll time!

We had a Most 80s Car Ad Ever poll last month, and the Pioneer ad above blew the other contenders out of the water. It's got the hair product, the jarring colors, the implied cocaine abuse... but does it have what it takes to keep its crown in the face of the Duster ad's Ollie North-grade onslaught?

And, just to make things more interesting, let's include an extremely 80s Renault 5 ad from the other side of the Atlantic. May the most 80s ad triumph like Reagan crushing Mondale!

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