The Draguar Is A '74 Jaguar With A Blown Chevy Small Block

Introducing the Draguar. It's a '74 Jaguar XJ6 with the steam-belching heart of a poorly maintained Chevrolet.

These two guys bought the car for $1,000, intending to throw a Weyand blower on the Chevrolet 350 that was already installed in it and see how it would do on the drag strip. Originally powered by a 265 hp V12, it's known as one of Jag's more miserable British malaise-era shitheaps, so these two gents didn't mind cutting a huge hole in the hood and treating the rest of the car poorly.


The best part is that they installed the blower in a parking lot within walking distance of a South San Francisco parts store, like true Parking Lot Mechanics. Even though the 350 was in rough shape, they managed to get it running with the supercharger installed.

But like any upgrade that's slapped on without swapping a bunch of other parts to offset the change, they had some problems with it. It ran hot, it didn't produce much more power from the otherwise stock V8, and the rear axle ratio was so high (numerically low), that they didn't really get a ton more power to the rear wheels. When they took it to a drag strip in Sacramento to see how it would fare, its performance was predictably terrible.

But hey, the thing looks awesome, and for something that cost a couple of grand to slap together, you can't ask for much more than that. They suggested taking it on a trip to Vegas, an idea I fully support. (Hat tip to ThunderSi!)

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