eBay user selling Jaguar that burst into flames mid-auction

The seller of this 1975 Jaguar XJ6L — left sitting for five years — had apparently intended the car not be on fire when it hit eBay. Yet, just after the auction started, so did a conflagration somewhere in the forward compartment.

After the fire, the seller replaced the top photo, which seem to intrigue one reader who questioned:

Q: hi i saw the videos but what i'm not sure if the video was after the fire or before?who the cars looks like now?did you fix it after the fire?or fire dosn't cause much problems,do you have any reserve...

A: thank you for your inquiry the fire is recent and happened just 24 hours ago. the latest pictures and videos are from then. There is no reserve.


And just like that, the Jag went from an awesomely scary, high-maintenance classic to just a scary, charred mess. Well, not a mess, entirely. As the seller says, "Fortunately very little damage, engine didn't get any water in it. Sold for spares or possible rebuild." No word on whether it had one of those Lucas Electrics three-way switches. The one labeled "smoke," "smolder" and "ignite."

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