The Dodge Challenger Might Get The Dodge Viper ACR Treatment: Report

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If you’re a freak for track-focused muscle cars, you may as well invest in those new racing shoes now. After Ford announced the return of a track-attack Ford Mustang Mach 1 earlier today, Dodge is reportedly answering by developing a Dodge Challenger ACR.


The Dodge Viper ACR was the track-day special version of everybody’s favorite American coupe and convertible. It weighed 3,300 pounds and put down 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. It sat on huge 335/25/19 rear tires and allegedly hit its aerodynamic limit at 177 mph. It’s a fast, wild thing.

And now, apparently, Dodge wants to do it again. Maybe it’s because it new Ford was going to the track with the Mach 1.

Or maybe they just liked their old Viper ACR. Either way, that presents a problem, as Dodge unfortunately no longer makes the Viper.

So they’re reportedly taking what they learned with the Viper ACR and slapping it on the Dodge Challenger, which is just begging for retirement at this point. Here’s more about what’s supposedly up at FCA, from Allpar:

Longtime Allpar source “Muther” has been giving us the lowdown on the rumored Dodge Challenger ACR (American Club Racer).


There are reportedly to be two cars, most likely one using the 392 Hemi, with instant-on power, and one using the 797 horsepower 6.2 supercharged Hemi. The supercharger is not allowed in some amateur racing series or classes, so the 392 makes sense. According to rumor, the car was benchmarked against the Viper ACR itself—which means that the aerodynamic work, not to mention suspension upgrades, must be fairly intense.

Carbon fiber will replace steel or aluminum wherever practical (which includes financially). The wing is reportedly straight off the Viper ACR-E, while the splitter is modified from the ACR-E design. Brakes would not surprisingly be from Brembo. The suspension would be similar to factory units, but altered so drivers could set the height, caster, and camber at the track, as well as shock damping and rebound. Shocks may be adapted from the Viper design, along with the brakes.


Don’t be surprised if this thing comes out of the factory looking like swollen Viper ACR that’s been through a shredder, if they’re trying to make them drive the same.

As with the Neon and moreso the Viper ACR, Dodge wants owners to race them, and many do! That’s what makes the prospect of more ACR models in the world so exciting.


It may also mean Dodge will finally milk every last ounce of performance out of the currently Challenger, forcing them to finally give us something new! Can we get ‘Cuda going in the chat?

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..the Dodge Challenger, which is just begging for retirement at this point

Really? It seems like it’s making its case as a manufacturer Holy Grail. A platform that’s paid for itself several times over and keeps selling, even increasing in sales.