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The Craziest Dash Cam Videos Of 2014

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In 2012, dash cams introduced themselves to the world. In 2013, dash cams started breaking worldwide news. In 2014? Things got weird.

Physics Is A Lie

How this guy perfectly somersaulted onto the roof of the car he just crashed into, I do not know.


Physics Is Not A Lie

Try lanesplitting at high speed and there's really only one thing that can happen.


It's Only Real If It Happens On A Dash Cam

For a few innocent weeks, people doubted that Russia was actually brazenly invading Ukraine. Then we saw a guy in a Lada nearly get incinerated by a missile launched into his country.

Everyone Started Hanging Onto Windshields

There were a lot of these videos this year. They were all equally terrifying.


Speaking Of Crazed Drug Binges...

This dude leapt off a bridge, then dusted himself off like it was nothing. Nobody would believe you if you told them the story, but there it is on your dash cam.


Getting Driving Lessons The Hard Way

Here's why you never, ever pass a semi truck before you pass your exit. Amazingly, everyone in this highway pinball game survived.


Staring Death In The Face

Dr. Guan Zhu in Texas got to stare down death itself in the form of a wayward concrete truck. This may be the most harrowing video we saw this year.


Staring Death In The Face, Part 2

Perhaps the most heartening video we saw all year, though, was this American truck driver rescue a family from their flaming wreck before they were burned alive.


Honorary Mention: Most Fake Dash Cam Of 2014

If anything, 2014 is the year that people figured out they can make money off of dash cams and they started spawning fakes. I have a particularly soft spot for this one where a dog steals a Subaru.


But I think the most incredible is this one of Spongebob and friends beating the crap out of some dude.


How do I know it's fake?

The Russian driver acts surprised. Watch enough dash cam videos and you'll know that nothing, absolutely nothing. Not tanks, not meteors, not rocket explosions fazes them.