Man On Drugs Jumps Off Bridge, Walks Away Like It's Nothing At All

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A half-naked man in Tijuana, Mexico, found himself higher than an astronaut and cornered by police on both sides of a bridge. So he did the only thing you can when you're higher than an astronaut and half-naked in Tijuana, Mexico – he jumped.

And then he just walked away because it ain't no thang.

Hilario Guajardo was blitted out of his goddamn gourd on a "drug cocktail," according to the Mirror, when cops thought they had him:

Officers were called after reports of a disturbance in the city of Tijuana, Mexico.

They found Guajardo stripped off to the waist and spoiling for a fight.

But when he was faced with armed police he ran off down a main road before coming face to face with another patrol that had cordoned off the far side of the bridge.

As officers closed in, Guajardo, 35, vaulted the bridge.

The police eventually caught Guajardo, presumably with the world's most potent elephant tranquilizers, but for a minute, we witnessed a miracle.


People of Planet Earth, hail your New Superman.