I Don't Care If This Russian Dash Cam Video Is Fake

I've seen so many Russian dash cam videos that nothing's a surprise. But then four cartoon characters jump out of a van and beat the hell out of driver in the middle of the street and I know the world still has so much more to offer.

Sure, it's probably staged. Not even probably: it is. Some kind of late-night, vodka-fueled prank with a quartet of off-duty mascots. But it's still wonderful and magical and I've watched it 10 times and can't stop laughing. The next bottle of Russian Standard is on me.

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Want to know why I'm sure this is fake? I've seen Russian dash cam videos of meteors flashing across the sky, ammunition depots exploding, trucks flipping multiple times over a herd of puppies. Want to know what they all have in common?

Silence from the drivers and passengers in the recording vehicles: Russians are unfazed by just about everything this world has to offer. I doubt some dressed up cartoon characters road raging would be enough to change that.