It's the holidays, so I imagine many of you will be returning all those socks and snuggles and novelty LED-illuminated underpants and pooling the money to buy yourself a car. Maybe you want a new Corvette Z06? Maybe you've gone to Chevy's site to build one and see how much it would be? Maybe you found yourself really surprised?

Yes, at this moment — which probably won't be too much longer — if you go to the Build and Price Your 2015 Corvette Z06 page on Chevy's site, you'll find yourself building and pricing... a Spark.

Oh boy that's good. You wanted something fun, right? Well, you can have plenty of fun in a bright green, manual Spark! I mean it! Sure, you're giving up, oh, 570 HP or so — basically about 2 3/4 BRZs — but you'll be saving like $70,000! Chevy's clearly just trying to encourage you to be prudent for once.

I'd like to think that there's at least one person out there who logged on to the site with full intentions of speccing out and ordering a Corvette Z06, but saw that Spark come up and thought "Ah, fuck it. I'll just get a Spark. Maybe two."


Maybe this is the Spark team's attempt a some viral marketing thing, and an attempt to capture the exact opposite of their normal target market. If so, way to go. That's some ballsy thinking right there.

So, hurry up and spec your $13,000 lime-green 87 HP Corvette Zo6 before they fix this!