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We didn't go to Paso this year, but shout-outs to our pals who did. Instead, we hung out up at Cole Coonce's place, barbequed, marvelled at the glory of Bumbeck's Superleggera Starlet, drank Orangina, punked out, flirted with girls and watched the Summernationals with the sound off and the radio on. Meanwhile, Cole Foster and his lovely wife Susan were busy unveiling Kirk Hammett's '36 Ford to the masses on the Central Coast. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: this is simply one of the most significant rods of the decade. We're glad it's finally done, and we're sure Cole is, too. Look for it in every magazine soon. Meanwhile, there are mad pics on the H.A.M.B..


Salinas Olympic '36 Coupe [H.A.M.B.]

Kirk Hammett's '36 Ford Out for Upholstery [Internal]

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