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The Chinese are still building the '80s Jeep Cherokee

Illustration for article titled The Chinese are still building the 80s Jeep Cherokee

The XJ Jeep Cherokee's may be the best SUV ever. Luckily, the model's still being built in China. For just $12-14K you'll get a 4x4 with a five-speed manual and CD player. A transfer to Jalopnik Shanghai's looking better.


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AMC/Chrysler/Jeep had a long history of building Jeeps in China. Bejing Jeep was one of the first US-Chinese vehicle joint-ventures. They produced the Cherokee, as you see it in the picture, up until a few years ago. They also produced the BJ, which did slightly resemble the old Toyota FJ, along side the XJ. After DaimlerChrysler was forced to build a new plant, becuase the old one was supposedly going to be affected by the Three Gorges Dam project, they stopped builfing the BJ and the XJ.

In the end, Diamler kept the China operation for themselves, stopped building Jeeps, and they currently build C Class and E Class Mercedes sedans on the site. They screwed Jeep out of a long-standing relationship with the Chinese.