The Chevy Silverado Looks Even Worse When You See All Its Different Faces Together

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How did GM make so many different grill options for the new Chevy Silverado and they’re all uniquely terrifying?

Friend of Jalopnik David Undercoffler posted all eight of these Silverado faces to his Instagram the other day, as Eileen Falkenberg-Hull noted on Twitter.

Click through to see them all:


Fellow autojourno Mike Magrath put it well when he commented, “Me: ‘good lord, they’d have to intentionally try to make this thing any uglier.’ Gets to the one with CHEBROLET carved out ‘oh. They did.’”

It’s bad, folks. The days of trucks having simple, straightforward, honest and plain faces is long gone. Now we have squiggles and cuts and squooshes. I can kind of see how Chevy wants to go back to the ultra-honest styling of the old C/K days, but it’s just not working.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Why? Because they are probably absolutely dialed into the whole “Bro-truck” thing and as we all know, truck bros are all about trying to convince the rest of us all at just how much of a badass they are... on their way to their suburban home in OhioPennsylvaniaUpstateNewYorkwhatever. So if all it takes is a few molds and some plastic to do it... then great. Cheap and easy. So that these grills all look pretty much like some hideous monster is no mistake.