Back in 2011, Chevrolet confirmed that it would bring the International-market Colorado to the United States. Now, it looks like the return is finally happening.

The original expected re-introduction was for the 2013 model year. Obviously that didn't happen, but Automotive News predicts the midsize pickup to be in American showrooms by the end of 2014. They also expect an unveiling at the LA Auto Show at the tail end of November.


For those of you who don't meticulously follow the pickup truck market of Thailand, it would be easy to forget that Chevy has been building and selling a Colorado there for the past two or three years. It would also be easy to put the international Colorado out of your mind because Chevy has a knack for turning a great midsize pickup on paper into a shitty one in the real world.

The last American Colorado is not a dearly remembered vehicle, though it seemed to have all the right specs. The upcoming Colorado also seems to have all the right specs, we'll just have to wait a year until we know if it's good in the real world.


Photo Credit: Chevrolet

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