The Chery Eastar Convertible Drops Four-Door Top At Guangzhou

When the four-door Chery Eastar Convertible first hit the net we weren't sure if it was a one-off custom or a hint to something to come. Now it seems that all of our greatest hopes have been realized as the same vehicle seems to be sitting on the floor of the Guangzhou International Auto Show. These closeup shots show off some interesting features, including the headrest-mounted television screens and the handlebar. Why would a car need a handlebar? The cherry Chery seems to have been designed for leaders, government or corporate, who like to wave to the proletariat from the back of a slowly moving convertible.


Chery is perhaps the best-known automotive company in the west due to its continued flirtation with Chrysler and frequent attempts to enter our market. Some in the Chinese automotive world were expecting Chery to display a new version of the Eastar sedan, which is old even by PRC standards. We'll just have to hold our breath until the Beijing Motor Show. [Source: Auto.Mop.Com via The Tycho]

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