We've been waiting for the front of an orange Dodge Breeze, which is the fruit of the Chrysler-Chery deal, ever since we saw the rear of the car in March. Based on the Chery A1, according to the good people at Automotive News this Chinese-built Dodge is supposed to be for the Mexican market only. Thankfully, someone over at theGM Inside News forum was kind enough to post a photo that looks almost exactly like a Cherry A1 rolling around the Chrysler Tech Center, which sort of connects the dots for us. His report below, as well as the full picture.

Hi guys I was over at CTC and I got pics of two cars. One set of pics is currently waiting to be reviewed by BP and won't be posted until i hear from her. In the meantime since i enjoy posting here in this forum heres a shot of the front of the dodge breeze enjoy and as soon as i hear from BP i will post the other pics

In the meantime, thanks for sharing. [GMInsideNews]