No Chery-Flavor For Cerberus-Owned Chrysler?

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We've just heard the Chinese automaker Chery's halting the deal with DaimlerChrysler to build Chrysler-brand vehicles (like the horny li'l hornet) until they get a chance to talk to the three-headed dog that's soon to be owning the automaker. According to the AP:

"Zhang Li, the general manager of Chery Automobile Co. Ltd., told the German financial daily Handelsblatt the company has halted the project and wants to renegotiate its agreement on building a new compact for Chrysler...Zhang said the deal came as a "total surprise" for his company and it had not yet talked with Cerberus about the move."


Obviously Zhang has been living in a hole in the ground over the past few months because we know we've been talking about this for some time now.

Report: Chery halts Daimler deal following Chrysler sale to Cerberus [AP via Detroit News]

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It's Official Unless China Says It's Not: Chery To Make Itty-Bitty Cars For Chrysler Group; Speculation No More! Chrysler Group Sold To Cerberus Capital Management! [internal]

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