You want to know what's thee last road vehicle you want to tangle with in a crash? Other than nitroglycerine tankers and such, it's your typical American transit bus. They're made to withstand decades of bad roads, indifferent maintenance, and near-daily impacts with concrete and/or steel opposition; the chassis is built on a huge-ass pair of I-beams that would make most bridges feel inadequate and the lower bodies tend to be more armor plate than sheetmetal. I spent a few years working for a bus manufacturer, where we had a Hall Of Fame wall with photos of the most inspiring "Bus Wins The Battle" wrecks. Here's one I hung onto: this is a 20-year-old veteran bus that veered off the freeway, through a guardrail, down a steep embankment, through several office parks (taking out numerous fences, various landscaping items, and a dozen or so parked cars), then glanced off a warehouse, jumped a hill, and landed atop an Olds Ciera. Passengers suffered nothing worse than minor cuts and bruises (unfortunately, the driver was dead of the heart attack that triggered the impromptu freeway departure), and the bus was back in service within a week.

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