The Death of the Bus/Cliff Item?

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After our old roommate's Space Shuttle-themed Hayabusa went up in flames, taking a truck with it, he painted his next GSX 1300R in "School 'Busa" livery. We told him that he'd better stay away from cliffs. The bus-into-a-ravine meme is so well-embedded in our collective consciousness, my French roomie got the joke immediately. Slate's Jack Shafer explains its popular genesis as well as its imminent demise. Oh, and by the way, that 'Busa nearly did go off a cliff.


The Rise and Fall of the "Bus Plunge" Story [Slate]

In Soviet Russia, Ice Skates YOU! [Internal]

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I remember when those super-short stories were in any paper you read.

Shafer's piece is a nice little tutorial on newpaper/printing history..."hot type", "cold type", etc.

Those technological changes in newspaper production were among the reasons why so many papers had LONG strikes during the '60s. One kept the Detroit Free Press & The Detroit News off the streets for almost the entire 1968 automotive model year (and those pesky local reporters out of the Tigers' clubhouse!) , and the strikes in New York between '62 and '65 not only led to the demise of four of that cities seven dailies, it also led to the creation of all-news radio.

Re 1974's comment: Will it lead to a cop hearing this...?

"But Officer, We're MARRIED!"