The BMW iNext Is Also Jumping on the Giant Screen Bandwagon

Photo: BMW

Big-ass screens, it seems, are how automakes have collectively decided best convey the aesthetic of the future. Mercedes’ new MBUX system is one giant screen. Honda’s Retro EV concept has a huge screen. The new Ford Explorer and Subaru Legacy both have massive screens. And now you can add the upcoming BMW iNext to that list.

BMW iNext concept
Photo: BMW

We’ve seen photos of the iNext’s concept screen before, but it was still disjointed. Today’s teaser promises a screen that is driver-oriented, with the control and information displays merged into a single unit that is “curved towards the driver,” according to a press release.

Supposedly, its design is supposed to give off a very airy, floaty feeling because you won’t be able to see it connected to the instrument panel, as the display is secured by “an extremely slim magnesium bracket.” Also, it’ll be made from some kind of non-reflecting glass, so it won’t need a hood to shade it from the sun’s glare. That part I’ll believe when I see.

The big-ass screens are coming whether we like them or not. I guess BMW’s new design beats the lame, last-minute, glued-it-to-the-top look that most automakers have going for themselves these days because it’s actually integrated. I just hope it isn’t all touchscreen like in the Tesla Model 3.

Photo: BMW

But it does bring us one step closer to our dystopian future—think of all the advertising space that BMW will have.

The BMW iNext is expected to hit production for 2021.

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