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The BMW i8 Is Great But Its Chassis Is Sexier

Illustration for article titled The BMW i8 Is Great But Its Chassis Is Sexier

The BMW i8 is a futuristic, outgoing grand tourer and I like it a lot. But then I saw its bare carbon chassis and I lost my shit. This is amazing.


It looks like a race buggy. It looks like an apocalypse-ready Lancia Stratos.

Give it paper-thin doors, plastic windows, and a just-the-essentials interior and you'd have the coolest rally prototype since the Group B days.


Alternatively, some multibllionaire could just snap up one of these things and race-prep it as desired. I mean, come on, they're only a hundred and thirty five grand. Chump change.

Photo Credit: Newspress

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I love how there are absolutely no overhangs. I didn't really care for the i8's styling as a whole, but after seeing this, I feel that BMW missed the opportunity to make a car that looks really, really sporting.