The BMW 325i Is The Ultimate Tanning Machine

Sure to bring some warmth to these short and cold December days, this 1988 BMW 325i Commercial is half suggestive sun screen endorsement and half E30 sales pitch. Nothing like 80s BMWs and sun worship to cure the winter blues.

I'm not sure what time of the year this 1988 BMW 325i advertisement originally aired but it should have been winter. Coming across this commercial on a cold New England day left me wondering whether the most enticing part of this commercial is the Black 325i Convertible, the sunscreen covered female driver, or the fact that it looked like the sun was still in the sky after 4pm. One viewing certainly left me wanting to see more of all three.

BMW has always taken the road less traveled when it comes to advertising. Making fun of their self appointed title of "Ultimate Driving Machine", this advertisement is devoid of the usual comparison claims or updated changes for the new model year you might expect to see in a car commercial. All BMW thought they needed to sell cars was some weird tribal music, some suggestive camera work, and the E30 3 series itself, one of the better small sporty cars ever made (even if the featured example was an automatic).

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The E30's exterior styling still holds up today.