This is one of the Morgans that will travel from Pickersleigh Road enroute to one of the most northern points in Europe, Nordkapp, situated on the northern tip of Norway. Why? To help raise £50,000 for the Marfan Trust, an organization supporting patients dealing with this little known but so far incurable condition. It's also a great opportunity to see the British make better use of a rear lamp than the Italians who came up with it for the Lancia Thesis.

Lamborghini Diablos had Nissan 300ZX headlamps from the 1999 introduction of the SV, Morgan's Aero cars use mk1 Mini units, while Peter Stevens's 1987 Lotus Esprit redesign brought some Toyota Corolla AE86 rear lamps into the game.


But which is your favorite combination?

Photo credit: Morgan Motor Cars and Lancia