The Best Jumps, Crashes, & Fires From The TORC Truck Race In Charlotte

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Charlotte Heights, North Carolina played host to the The Off-Road Championship on the weekend of April 25th, which gave them even more hours of epic jumping, rollovers, and fire-belching-exhaust-pipes footage to make one hell of a one-minute highlight reel.


April 25th's race was won by Johnny Greaves (Pro 4), CJ Greaves (Pro 2), and Doug Mittag (Pro Light). The next day, Scott Douglas (Pro 4), CJ Greaves (Pro 2), and Jerett Brooks (Pro Light) took the gold.

To date, the Pro 4 class is lead by Johnny Greaves with 90 points, Adrian Cenni with 79 points, and Mike Jenkins with 74 points. But the rest of the Pro 4 field isn't far behind.

Pro 2 has Chad Hord leading the series with 91 points, CJ Greaves ten behind him with 81, and Mike Jenkins a ways back in third with 58 points.

Pro Lite puts Jerett Brooks in first with 92 points, Doug Mittag behind him with 85, and CJ Greaves in a close third with 83.

There's a fair bit of crossing-over between classes, and it's cool to see a lot of drivers adapt their style between two and four-wheel drive vehicles, not to mention mix things up all over again in the low-horsepower Pro Lites.


The next TORC race goes down in Bark River, Michigan on June 14th and 15th. We'll keep you posted on where to watch the race online.



I was at this one on that Friday. It was a pretty fun show. Basically motocross with cages.

Ever since I've been wondering what the hell is underhood of the Greaves Pro4. The only thing I can find is that it is "Cup-based, but with less regulation because of the ruleset". All I can figure is they took a standard cup motor and put a flat plane crank in it. The rest of the field sounds like standard Cup motors, but that.... It is unreal.