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The Best Budget Cars Ever Made

Illustration for article titled The Best Budget Cars Ever Made

Economy cars are the most important of them all. These low-cost no-thrill machines provide mobility for the masses. But which one do you consider to be the best?


A two-stroke Saab 92? The cute Fiat 500? Some kei car in Japan or the Mini from England? Perhaps the Trabant or the Rambler American? There were many entries to car ownership throughout the years. And more are coming. Ford is building a new Ka for Brazil and other developing markets, Volkswagen is planning a low-cost car to come back at Toyota in Asia while Datsun's new chapter is all about catching some Russian cash for Nissan.


Economy cars move the world. But which is your favorite?

Photo credit: Getty Images

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themanwithsauce - has as many vehicles as job titles