The Frankfurt Motor Show is so massive (12 huge buildings spread over a large chunk of Frankfurt real estate) that Jalopnik sent both Máté and I to double team it. Máté is covering all of the big reveals and serious stuff leaving me to go on the hunt for everything else that makes Frankfurt one of the must see shows.

Best Uninentional Humor: The Literally Virtual Reality Ride

First, I went over to ride the Honda McLaren F1 Virtual Reality ride. It was broken... or maybe that’s just the way its supposed to be. The ride does promise a virtual reality experience, and nothing says “Honda McLaren” like a sleek and expensive piece of kit that doesn’t work.


My next plan was then to go and find as many supercars as I could. I did, and they were all right. And all white.

Best Looking White Supercar: Winner

The Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, coming soon to your next track day and/or upscale Los Angeles shopping center parking lot

Best Looking White Supercar: Runner Up

Mint 2016 Porsche GT3 RS

Best Looking White Supercar: Participation Award

Thanks for playing Ferrari 488 GTB.

Best Appearance By An Old Racecar Driver

Racing legend Walter Rohrl was just hanging out. Walter Rohrl rules.

Best Appearance By An Old Racecar

Also racing legend Martini Racing Porsche 935. This is the orange that the Jalopnik logo tries to be.

Best Show Food To Give You Painful Gas

Currywurst, as our own Stef Schrader discovered on her last visit to Germany. No word on whether certain BMW execs ate here earlier in the day.

Best Appearance By A German-owned Italian Motorcycle Company That Isn’t Ducati

MV Agusta F3 800 Inspired by AMG.

Best Motorcycle With An Unfortunate Name That Would Be Great For Taunting Your Former Significant Other

Horex VR6.

“I’m riding my Horex...”

Best Way To Look Like An Idiot Cartoon Character

VR Headsets.

Bite my shiny metal ass!

New Range Rover Discovery California Drought Edition

Comes with its own 10,000 gallon water feature!

Best (Or Worst) Manufacturer Display Entrance If You’re Tripping Balls


Best “They’ll Never Make It But I Want It Anyway, Damn it!” Concept Car

Honda Project 2&4. But we love it anyway.

Most Hated Guys At The Show By All Media Photographers

With dozens of people crowding around the same car, getting an unobstructed shot is nearly impossible. However every once in a while you would get a few seconds with no one blocking the view.


You’d line everything up get the right focus and then BAM! The dreaded Show Car Detailer photo bomber.

More to come, unless they kick us out. This is always a possibility when we go to auto shows.

Top photo: AP, the rest by the author