The Average Challenger Buyer Is 51 Years Old, Somehow Younger Than Mustang And Camaro Buyers

Photo: Dodge
Photo: Dodge

While some people may assume that a large percentage of muscle car buyers are Detroit-area retirees, Challenger brand manager Kevin Hellman is here to prove them wrong: in an interview with Muscle Cars & Trucks, he said that the median Challenger buyer is just 51.


That makes them the youngest buyers in the segment. Obviously.

That’s surprising for a few reasons. While 51 does sound like a relatively old average, it’s actually below the average age of a new car buyer in general.

According to the federal reserve, the average age of a new car buyer today is 53 years old. It may be easy to poke fun at the Challenger’s old-school image, but clearly, it’s actually got a younger set of customers than a normal car.

It’s also surprising to see that Challenger buyers are younger than Camaro or Mustang customers. The Challenger is the most old-school and comfiest one of its peers, arguably the only true muscle car left in the segment. Given that the new Mustang and Camaro both are smaller inside, offer turbocharged engines and are stiffer than the Challenger, you’d be forgiven for assuming they cater to a younger audience than the boaty Dodge.

That being said, there are a lot of things about the Challenger that make sense for younger buyers. Because of a low MSRP and Dodge’s willingness to offer incentives, Challengers are accessible to a lot of young people.


The Challenger is also comfortable enough to be used as a daily driver, which is important considering that young people are less likely to own multiple cars. The Mustang and Camaro aren’t too stiff to use, but they’re certainly less compliant than the Dodge.

Plus, you still get a big trunk and a real back seat in a Challenger. That’s important when it’s your only car, but less so if you’re an older buyer using it primarily on the weekends.


Finally, the Challenger offers all-wheel drive. With AWD, a big trunk, lots of space and a comfy suspension, the Challenger is easy to use as your main form of transportation. That, or it just looks cool.

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Dodge also gives financing to anyone who can fog a mirror.