The Auto Union Type D in NYC

Audi feted its new Park Avenue forum this morning, showing off the R8 for the first time on US soil, as it paraded alongside the R10 TDI LeMans diesel racer. As a nod to heritage, Audi also rolled out the granddaddy of them all, the 1936 1938 Auto Union Type C D "Silver Arrow," whose roaring V16 V12 penetrated the post-rush lull on Manhattan's most exclusive street. Just imagine the sound of an entire field of these things lined up on the N rburgring, and try to forget who was most likely seated in the VIP section. [UPDATE: Behind the wheel is R10 TDI racer Emmanuel Pirro. [UPDATE 2: It's actually a 1938 Auto Union Type D Silver Arrow. Thanks to Benztown for the double-check tip.]


The Full Awesomeness of the Auto-Union Type C; Exclusive! Live From New York, It's Spinelli Covering The Audi R8 Event! [internal]

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