Exclusive! Live From New York, It's Spinelli Covering The Audi R8 Event!

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Spinelli's coming live and direct from the site of today's Audi parade over in New York City. The boss-man saw the the new R8, flanked by the R10 TDI racecar and a 1938 Auto Union Type D Silver Arrow — all under police escort — as they made their way down Park Avenue and stopped at the Audi Forum at Park and 47th just in time to be mobbed by brokers in italian leather shoes hoping to score the R8. Ok, in all seriousness, the only mobbing that occurred was from the legions of photogs hoping to snag some pics of Audi's new hotness. Although I'm sure Spinelli will want to break it all down for us when he gest back — for now he wanted to give you the hook-up, along with some impressive shots he'd like to share from afar — all through the gallery below.

[Audi R8 In New York City Gallery]

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