The Audi S4 Has Heard All Of The Douchebag Jokes

An Audi S4, that's a nice car. It's so nicely detailed. And you usually notice this when it's following you so closely you can see every metallic flake in the blue paint.

It's odd to watch Regular Car Reviews testing a car not at all held together with various forms of tape and a prayer it'll start. A current S4 is a fine piece of machinery, and with that 3.0-liter supercharged V6 and Quattro powertrain, it's pretty quick.

Just what people who like to wear a Bluetooth headset while yelling need.

I'd really like to see a review of the 2013 S4 in 2033. By then, the fact it has physical gauges will be laughable. The MMI wheel will be scuffed and broken. And that fussy leather shift boot for the automatic will be cracked and worn that we can wonder even more why they bother with those things.


But it'll still be fast, probably. Hopefully, the car still recognizes the electronic key so someone will be able to find out.

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Love the review as usual, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes cars like this specifically because they're anonymous. I want 300+ hp in an unassuming package. The fact that nobody knows I can blow by them in my boring little sedan is the whole allure of buying something like this. Hell, when I can afford an S- or M-something, my first order of business will be to debadge the damn thing.

Maybe I'm weird, but I really could not care less if the obnoxious yuppie fuckstick in the lane next to me thinks his car is more special than mine. If my car's going to attract any attention, I'd prefer it be from curious gearheads approaching my car at a gas station and say, "hey, that doesn't look like the base exhaust; what do you have under there?"